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Power resistors

Ballast- and Braking Resistors 

We use our power resistors on ships and platforms where regenerative electrical energy cannot or hardly be fed back into the grid. The power resistor is an essential part of the electrical installation. A lot of attention is therefore paid to the choice of materials (high-quality stainless steel for maritime applications) and to the environmental factors.
The resistors are carefully dimensioned based on the cycles in which the energy is fed back.
REMAT supplies naturally and force-cooled resistances up to a continuous power of approximately 2000 kW.

Air-cooled resistors up to a continuous power of approximately 2000 kW

Watercooled resistors

We apply the latest developments in the field of water-cooled resistors especially for offshore applications.
Compact, low-maintenance, and very suitable for the harsh offshore environment.
Low maintenance, especially for maritime applications.
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