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Frequency converters 

REMAT has an exclusive and intensive collaboration with Ingeteam Power Technology in the Netherlands. Since 2005, we have been supplying Ingeteam frequency converters for the marine and offshore, cranes and industry in a power range from 400 kW to 44 mW. Often Active Front End technology, so that as little harmonic distortion as possible disrupts the network. Air-cooled, and in higher power, water-cooled drives for optimal cooling, without too much harmful influence of sea air on the electronics.
A lot of attention is paid to new developments in the market such as hybrid drive concepts and energy-saving technologies. The quality and reliability of these products and services is supported by ISO 9001 and 14001 certification. The high level of investments in Research & Development ensures that the products and systems are continuously optimized.
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Power: 300 kW – 1400 kW
Voltage: 380 VAC – 690 VAC
Cooling: Air


Power: 900 kW – 8.6MW
Voltage: 380 VAC – 690 VAC
Cooling: Water


Power: 800 kW –12.7 MW
Voltage: 3.3 kVAC – 4.16 kVAC
Cooling: Air or Water


Power: 10 MW – 40 MW
Voltage: 3.3 kVAC
Cooling: Water


Power: 4 MW – 44 MW
Voltage: 6.6 kVAC
Cooling: Water
Drives are delivered completely ready for installation. Software and hardware is integrated according to customer wishes and the requirements of the classification societies.
Drives with power supply and power management for battery packs. Multi drive solutions for optimal efficiency. PTI-PTO solutions.
DC distribution concept available as a system making it possible, among other things, to vary the speed of the diesel generator sets and to achieve the most efficient operating points.
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