Frequency converters

Having an intensive and exclusive collaboration with Ingeteam, REMAT supplies Ingeteam frequency converters in the Netherlands  with a power range of 400 kW to 5800 kW for marine and offshore, crane and industry applications. Active Front End converters are primarily employed to cause as little harmonic distortion of the mains as possible.  Air-cooled or  water-cooled drives for optimum cooling, in which the electronics are not affected by the excessive corrosive influence from the sea air.

We closely follow all new developments in the market, such as hybrid drive concepts and energy-saving technologies. In close partnership with the R&D departments of manufacturers, REMAT offers:

  • Multi-drive solutions with reusable regenerative energy
  • PTI-PTO solutions
  • Drives with power supply and power management for battery packs
  • DC distribution concept with the option to vary the speed of diesel generator sets to achieve the most efficient operating settings

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