Electric Motors

Suitable for reliable operation in harsh conditions

Our motors for thruster, pump and hoist drives are built for use under extremely harsh conditions in the marine and offshore industry. The motors are manufactured in Europe and are supplied in accordance with current ship classification standards. The motors deployed by REMAT are designed to achieve optimal efficiency in combination with the frequency converter. Mass inertia, cosinus phi, motor efficiency, input voltage are all optimized.

Subject to where our motors are installed and their use, they are supplied with protection class IP 23 to IP 56, with (holding) brakes, built up air/water coolers, customer-specific terminal boxes and special extension sizes, etc.

Power range 15 kW to 5800 kW


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Motors for thruster and pump drives

• Air or water cooling ( waterjacket cooled or with attached air-water cooler)
• Special sizes (very short motors) for restricted installation height
• Extensively protected against thermal load and frequency control

Motors for cranes and winches

• Optimal torque properties
• Torque regulator, using a frequency controller
• Small mass moment of inertia
• Protection class IP 23 to IP 67, totally enclosed IC 410
• Available with electromagnetic brakes and encoders specially geared to offshore applications

Nema Motors

Special motors, built to comply with NEMA standards and part of the REMAT delivery program. We can offer advice on the various options and choices available in electric motors.