Frequency converters

REMAT supplies frequency converters with a power range of 400 kW to 5800 kW for marine and offshore, crane and industry applications. Read more

Electric motors

Our motors for thruster, pump and hoist drives are built for use under extremely harsh conditions in the marine and offshore industry. The motors are manufactured in Europe  Read more

Switch cabinets and control panels

We design the switch cabinets and control panels for our drive systems. This allows us to design the systems to fully comply with our customers’ specifications. Read more

Power resistors

DeA power resistor is an essential part of the electrical system. We pay a great deal of attention to the choice of materials (high-quality stainless steel for maritime applications) and to the environmental conditions. Read more

Tachodynamos and encoders

Since 1985, REMAT has been the distributor of the Radio-Energie brand of tachogenerators, a familiar concept in the world of robust analogue tachogenerators. Radio-Energie has set a number of important industrial standards in terms of mechanical and electric versions of the tachodynamo. Read More

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