Drive systems


For larger power requirements, such as dredging pumps, our range of drives and frequency-controlled motors is eminently suitable. In collaboration with our partners, we offer the specific product and system knowledge that is required for this level of power and load. However, we have recently also installed smaller drive systems for fifi pumps and cargo pumps.
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REMAT was founded in 1983 with an emphasis on supplying drive systems for cranes such as ship-to-shore, gantry cranes and RTGs. Despite the fact that over the years our activities have diversified, crane drives are still at the heart of our business. The crane motors from our range of products are specially constructed to achieve  Read more


Drive systems for winches on ships and platforms require high standards of reliability and ease-of-use. REMAT develops the software, designs the control panels, supplies the motors and switch cabinets and commissions the system.
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REMAT supplies the drive system to customer specifications, ready to be connected and to be integrated with all other on-board systems.
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